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Discover the magic of the stone

All products included in the set ‘Discover the magic of the stone’ allow us - thanks to their elegance and variety - to enhance prestige and emphasize aesthetic values of our houses, housing estates, institutions or churches.

The natural stone beauty, its durability and resistance to atmospheric conditions make stone one of the most precious décor materials. First of all, it is applied in the production of window sills, kitchen desktops, bar and shop counters, tiles, elevation boards, fireplace housings, stairs and floors.

You will find our products in the Sales Points of MS beyond WINDOWS.

Exclusive collection

We have selected stones depending on their purpose and surroundings in which they are to be used. Therefore, you have the guarantee of proper prices and endurance parameters. The full MS offer makes it possible to choose a proper stone among the exceptional array of colours and patterns covering over 300 types of granites, marbles, travertines, sandstones and conglomerates.

We invite stone workshops, stone warehouses, decorative and arrangement studios and designers, as well as all companies selling and working the stone to cooperate with us.