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Wooden windows

Due to the vogue for returning to nature, wooden windows are experiencing their renaissance. Is there anything more beautiful than a noble material in a stylish form? Western Europe has seen the second youth of wooden windows for several years now. MS beyond WINDOWS, adjusting itself to an architectural tendency and fashion for natural materials, offers a wide choice of elegant wooden windows.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we have achieved a unique product. MS wooden windows bring warm mood and healthy climate into each compartment. The natural charm of wood and its noble origin, as well as the durability of MS windows render them a truly friendly product.

MS wooden windows are available in a wide palette of colours. As a standard, we recommend 10 azure colours, which emphasise the natural structure of wood. In addition, we apply a full palette of covering colours. Our offer covers windows in standard sizes and tailor-made windows, with the possibility to determine their shape to suit your taste ( circles, arches, slants). Additionally, it is possible to produce windows in different colours ­ of the inner and outer sides.

A wide array of colours and large freedom as regards handles and other accessories allow us to tailor windows to interiors and building elevations.