Details of the promotional offer FREE YOURSELF.

27% discount on Patio HST

As part of the Spring FREE promotion, patio HST 76 lift and sliding doors are discounted at 27%. Lower prices (by 20%) also apply when purchasing Patio HST 82. Large terrace solutions allow for closer contact with the outside world.

10% discount on the latest PVC windows

The latest 76 mm system solutions are included in the 10% discount. The discount is granted when purchasing FORMA windows and FORMA Visowindows, for which the wing and frame are facing from the outside. A 100% prepayment is a prerequisite for this promotion.

8% discount on HYBRID blinds

8% discount (100% prepay) also applies to the purchase of HYBRID roller shutters. The discount is also available to customers who choose compact and external blinds.

Cheaper protection against mosquitoes

Spring is the right time to buy mosquito netsthat protect the interior of against the ines. As part of the FREE action, all types of mosquito nets can be purchased at a discount of 8% (with a prepay of 100%).

1 pln for the third glass

During the promotion, FREEZE YOURSELF, the additional payment for the third glass for ALU LOOK , Wood Look and FORMA Viso windows is only PLN 1. Attractive discounts also include a selection of warm Chromatech frames.

Ventilation with 25% discount

If you purchase an Aereco EMM707 hygroster diffuser, customers are entitled to a 25% discount. The air vent is available in several colours.

Promotional price of façade blinds

If you purchase mSun blinds with Z-90 slats, you can benefit from a 10% discount. It applies to blinds to which Somfy J4 RTS and Somfy J4 io Protect drives, Somfy controls or C-ZR radio receivers and Mobilus controls will be ordered.

Cheaper roller shutter control

The FREE up promotion is a good time to create a smart home. For this purpose, it is worth taking advantage of attractive prices of dedicated control panel, allowing you to control the blinds using your phone. Discounts also apply to a wide range of pilots. Moreover, during the promotion period, the fee for the radio receiver for Nice or Simu Job Somfy roller shutters is only PLN 1.

Mobilus Cosmo GTW smart home control panel.

Smart Home for $199

During the free promotion there is an opportunity to create a smart home for as much as 369 PLN. This is the cost of purchasing a Mobilus Cosmo GTW headquarters when ordering ten roller shutters with Mobilus Senso ERS engines. On the other hand, if you buy fifteen blinds/façade blinds equipped with radio receivers Mobilus Cosmo C-MR/C-ZR, the cost of the panel is 439 ZŁ.

Drives for roller shutters at a lower price

Attractive discounts are also available when purchasing drives for Somfy roller shutters. The promotional price of the Somfy RS100 io drive is 1009 PLN. The Somfy RS100 ioWT drive is also added to the offer. The cost of its purchase is 1046 PLN.

20% discount on Patio HST 77

The discount is also granted to customers who decide to purchase structures made of aluminum. The large patio hoist and sliding door HST 77,as part of the FREE UP promotion, can be purchased at a discount of 20%. The single-leaf solution (with fixed glazing in the frame), or Patio HST 77 MONO,is 9% cheaper than the two-leaf variant.

Panel doors 20% cheaper

The 20% discount applies to the purchase of Premium 86 aluminiumpanel doors. Available panels come in two series – AD and AP.

5% discount on aluminium joinery

As part of the FREE up promotion, an aluminium locksmith is included in the discount. Doors, Premium Windows 86 and Patio PSK 86 can be purchased at a 5% discount. The discount also applies to facades.

All promotions are valid in the Polish. Detailed information about the FREE share is available in showrooms.

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