MS window prices

Narzędzia do samodzielnej wyceny okien PVC.

Ceny okien MS.

It takes just a few minutes to get an initial quote for MS windows. Calculations can be carried out completely independently, using the following tools:

The initial quote will help you prepare an offer that you can then freely modify and adjust to your expectations.

Ms window prices, obtained through an online application, include VAT of 23%. To reduce the cost of products, it is worth choosing to contact the nearest showroom and order windows along with the assembly service. This will reduce spending by around 10% in 2015. 15% (MS window prices will include lower VAT – 8%).
Of course, the installation cost must be added to the final amount. It depends on many factors, e.g. the chosen method of installation of the structure and the specifics of the building.

1. Find your nearest salon

Ms's Network of Authorized Showrooms is ready to serve customers.

2. Contact MS Factory (phone/e-mail)

Our specialists will answer your questions, prepare an offer and allow you to book windows for a specific date.

3. List ms windows online

A simple application that will allow you to get an idea of the prices of MS windows