Premium Windows 86 with hidden wing

Nowoczesne konstrukcje
z niewidocznym skrzydłem.

Premium 86 windows with hidden wing belong to the group of aluminum products from the MS range more than WINDOWS. For these solutions, the wing profiles, from the outside, are hidden behind the door frame profiles. Thanks to this, the constructions create the impression of slender, and therefore – correspond to current architectural trends.

Extensive interior design capabilities

Product wings profiles from the System Windows Premium 86 with hidden wing undoubtedly stand out from other aluminum solutions. In a series of adjacent fixed and open windows, it is not possible to distinguish the location of these fields. From the outside of the bodywork, the width of the frame is small. This makes the design feel light. In this way, you can get an aesthetically consistent façade in line with current trends in construction. The use of glazing with a large area creates numerous possibilities in interior design and allows efficient illumination of rooms.

Colors and construction of profiles

For the construction of the structure from the system Windows Premium 86 with hidden wing, three-chamber profiles are used. Their central space is the insulating chamber between the shaped thermal spacers. Its width is 42 mm or 43 mm. All types of windows can be used in windows, two-chamber, anti-burglary or acoustic. It is also worth noting the availability of rich RAL colors along with wood-like colors (about 200 variants). The maximum dimensions of the structure are: 2500 mm high and 1600 mm wide. On the other hand, the weight of the sash must not exceed 130 kg.

Thermal insulation of windows with hidden wing

Among the important features of the system Windows Premium 86 with hidden wing are not only aestheticqualities, but also their sound insulation, waterproofness, as well as thermal insulation. The heat transfer coefficients of the Uf framework achieve the values that place the product presented among the strong market leaders in this category. The system is also available with an additional thermal spacer (SI), which allows to improve the heat transfer coefficient by approx. 10 000 m. 5%. The Uw value for the reference window with SUPERtermo 0,5 is:

Premium 86 window with hidden wing

Uw = 0.998 W/m2K with warm MS frame

Uw = 0.824 W/m2K with CHROMATECH frame

Uw = 0.792 W/m2K with Thermobar frame

Forge in windows with a hidden wing

Unlike other window systems available in the MS offer more than WINDOWS in the described structures – due to the very narrow wing – wings are used from the so-called. “euro” groove. This gives you the opportunity to use modern activPilot Topstar eyelets with hinges fully hidden between the wing and the frame. This discrete solution can be applied to different colors as well as window profile invoices. Thanks to it, the window is characterized by a minimalist design. Importantly, aluPilot Topstar products are energy efficient.

Door handles with hidden wing

The aluminium constructions shown can be used in the following colours: white, brown, silver F1, old F4 gold, F9 stainless steel and stainless steel. Also noteworthy is the new IDEM Line series of handles. These accessories give the room elegance, as well as create harmony between different types of aluminum structures. The handles are made of high quality matt brushed stainless steel.

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