Adjustable bogie wheels

Elements facilitating the movement of active leaves of lift & slide doors.

Adjustable bogie wheels facilitate the use of heavy lift and slide doors.

The weight of the lift and sliding door wings available in the MS offer more than windows can be up to 300 kg. The large dimensions and weight make it necessary to use specialized components for comfortable operation of patio HST. The comfortable sliding of stately structures allows for adjustable carriages.

What are adjustable carts for?

The sliding of the lift and sliding doors is carried out by means of trolleys that work with the running rail. For Patio HST 82 and Patio HST 76, Siegenia products perform this function. They ensure comfortable use of large-sized structures.

Trolley with adjustment.

Siegenia strollers for HST – advantages

Siegenia’s solution is distinguished by its adjustable capability. It allows you to correct minor irregularities related to the location of the sash in the frame. These strollers not only optimize wing movement, but also make service easier. Thanks to them, the back part of the active wing can be lifted by about 10 000 m. 3 mm.

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