Map of MS products

Presentation of the offer of PVC, aluminium and wooden windows and doors as well as window covers.
  • Under plaster facade blinds – mounted on the lintel in the insulation space
  • Compact facade blinds – PVC boxes mounted on the window frame in the space between the frame and the lintel
  • Under plaster STYROTERM facade blinds – system of warm box mounted to the frame NEW!
  • Surface-mounted facade blinds – mounted on the outside, outside the insulation
  • Box facade blinds – quick installation, like roller shutters, system with full guides with the possibility of plastering them
  • Optimum 79N windows
    Modern and energy-saving aluminum windows and balcony doors
  • Optimum 79N US windows
    Windows and balcony doors with hidden sash
  • Premium 86N windows
    Energy-efficient aluminium windows and balcony doors
  • Premium 86N doors
    Energy-efficient and durable external aluminium doors
  • Premium 86N panel doors
    Aluminium entrance doors in a wide range of panels
  • PIVOT doors
    Large revolving doors with a shifted rotation axis NEW! Details soon.
  • Patio HST 77
    Energy-saving large-size lift-and-slide doors
  • SkyLine
    Sliding doors with a hidden frame and a narrow post profile
  • Patio FS 86
    Folding Doors
  • Patio PSK
    Tilt and slide doors
  • Panic doors
    Certified safety doors
  • Facades
    Mullion and transom constructions for everyone
  • Fire door
    Fireproof or fireproof and smoke-tight structures

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