Bet on white

7% discount on white windows, doors and Patio HST.

Discount on white constructions

As part of the spring promotion , all white windows, doors and Patio HST are covered with a 7% discount . There are also discounts on individual products and a 2% discount for a 100% prepayment. As a result, the white Patio HST 76 can be purchased at a price reduced by approx. 31%, and unveneered Patio HST 82 now costs 29% less.

During the promotional campaign, the price of the white P atio HST 76 light is PLN 9160 net up to the size of 3200 mm x 2400 mm, inclusive.

Check out the other discounts available as part of the spring promotion RELEASE YOURSELF .

Detailed information on the promotion is available in the Showrooms .

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