Blind slats

Shutter armor.

Among the functions performed by the blinds is the protection of the room from sunlight. How effectively they carry out this task is influenced by slats used for roller shutters. Ms uses different types of components that provide very good thermal insulation and noise protection.

What is the result of thermal insulation of MS roller shutters?

The parameters of the roller shutters depend on the components that make them up. In MS products more than WINDOWS, the basic element is a rolled profile made of ecologically pure aluminum. It is filled with warm polyurethane foam. Its presence has a beneficial effect on thermal insulation, as well as acoustic insulation.

Durability of roller shutters from ms offer more than WINDOWS

The slats used in the production process of MSroller shutters are flailed on both sides. This type of treatment provides them with greater rigidity as well as better wind resistance. Due to this, the presented products function properly even in the case of wind blowing at a speed of 113 km/h.

Type of lamella and window dimension

How large the glazing can be obscured with a blind depends on the depending on the type of lamellas used. In MS more than WINDOWS, a 42 mm high profile is used as standard. It produces an area of 6.5m2. For larger structures, 42 Solid and 42 Special slats are used. Thanks to them, 8 m2 and 8.5 m2 of matingarea can be achieved, respectively. If architectural issues necessitate a limitation of the size of the box, a dedicated solution in the form of lamellas 37 and 37 Special is used. They allow for surfaces of 5.5m2 and 6.5m2.

Weather resistance of roller shutters

Blinds are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Exposure to the sun, temperature differences, rain, hail and snow are a major challenge for these products. To ensure proper durability of blinds, MS uses special varnishes that provide a high degree of color retention and gloss. Another option is modern films that provide effective protection against heat and UV radiation. Thanks to them, blinds look good for many years.

Aesthetic appearance of roller shutters

In addition to the richness of colorand patterns, the undoubted advantage of bilateral slats is the visual aspect. This can be seen in particular in situations where, for technical reasons, it is necessary to use a mixed system – with right- and left-handed slats. In such cases, two-sidedly flailed MS blinds more than WINDOWS look consistent both externally and internally.

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