Co-financing for the replacement of joinery – get ready to replace windows and doors

Replacing windows is often an expensive decision that needs to be prepared for. This is an undertaking that needs to be planned not only logistically, but also financially. In our showrooms you will learn how to make the replacement of joinery run smoothly. We will also help you obtain funding or reimbursement of some or all of the costs incurred. More details will be provided by our sales advisors.

There are several ways to obtain a grant. It is possible to obtain funding from various sources. The “Clean Air” programme, the Thermomodernization Relief and the “Warm Apartment” program are financial aid that our experts will certainly help you obtain.

100% co-financing

Table of contents:

Clean Air

It is a program that is implemented in relation to various levels of intensity of works related to improving the energy efficiency of a single-family residential building.

To obtain a subsidy, you must meet, among others: Others. two basic conditions:

  1. the Applicant’s annual income may not exceed PLN 135,000.00 (according to the tax return for the calendar year preceding the year of submitting the application)
  2. The applicant must be the owner/co-owner of a single-family residential building or a separate residential premises in such a building with a separate land and mortgage register, put into use before January 1, 2014.

Thanks to the program, you can obtain financing for the replacement of windows and doors of up to 100%.


Please remember that the subsidy is awarded depending on income – the lower the income per household member, the higher the subsidy amount.

Thermomodernization relief

Any taxpayer can benefit from this form of co-financing. The cost of expenses incurred in connection with the thermo-modernization carried out by the owner of a single-family residential building is deductible up to PLN 53,000.

The return can be even greater in the case of co-owners who file taxes separately. It is then necessary to have personal invoices documenting the expenses incurred.

The taxpayer has 3 years to complete the project, counting from the end of the tax year in which he incurred the first expenditure.

The deduction amount, which is not covered by the taxpayer’s annual income, is deductible within the next 6 years, counting from the end of the tax year in which the taxpayer incurred the first expense.

Warm Apartment

This is a form of subsidy addressed to owners of apartments in multi-family buildings who want to carry out works aimed at improving air quality and reducing dust and greenhouse gas emissions by replacing heat sources and improving energy efficiency.

IMPORTANT: the program is addressed to communes which, after receiving the co-financing correctly, announce recruitment in the territorial area covered by their operation, addressed to natural persons who have a legal title resulting from the ownership right or limited right in rem to a dwelling located in a multi-family residential building.

The maximum grant amount is PLN 39,900, but a number of conditions must be met in order to receive funding in this amount.

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