Distinction for ThermoFibra for glass fiber

Deceuninck, a producer of PVC profiles, has been awarded the Innovative Solutions for the Joinery Industry program. The competition jury awarded the IRBS quality mark for the ThermoFibra technology.

IRBS quality mark for ThermoFibra Technology

Innovative Solutions of the Joinery Industry is a program that appreciates manufacturers (machines, components, systems, IT programs, components for assembly) for creating innovative solutions. This year, Deceuninck was one of the awarded companies in the competition. The jury awarded the IRBS quality mark for the ThermoFibra glass fiber reinforcement technology for the PVC window profile. Even more pleased is the fact that the company was awarded for the TF solution once again. For the developed technology, the manufacturer of PVC profiles received the program awarder’s statuette and the certificate confirming the award of the IRBS quality mark. Deceuninck has been producing PVC window profiles for over 80 years. Recently, the MS offer has been enriched with three unique product concepts: FORMA, FORMA Viso and FORMA ThermoFibra,which are based on innovative ideas of this Belgian manufacturer. The glass fiber used in the sashes of the FORMA ThermoFibra windows completely eliminates the use of steel reinforcement, which gives many advantages.

Glass fiber reinforced sash

The sash of the FORMA ThermoFibra window is reinforced with glass fiber. This effect is achieved during the process of linktrusion, that is, co-extrusion of the profile and glass fiber. The use of this modern production technology offers a great many The use of this modern production technology offers many advantages. The parameters are improved and, as a result, a very low heat transfer coefficient for the assembly of the sash/frame Uf = 0.88 W/m2K can be obtained. The possibility of eliminating the steel reinforcement has another advantage, namely it makes the joinery lighter.

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