Door handles for Patio HST

Patio HST handle.

Patio HST door handles allow you to open, close and lock the active door leaf. Large glazed structures can be equipped with handles with a one-sided insert. In MS more than WINDOWS accessories come in several color versions.

Door handles for Patio HST 76 and Patio HST 82

Ms’s range of lift and sliding door accessories, available in ms more than WINDOWS, includes Siegenia, GreenteQ and Hoppe handles. As standard, you can choose between white, brown or stainless steel handles. The group of optional versions includes silver, titanium, black, alt gold (C33) as well as old gold (RAL1036). Depending on your needs, you can opt for a one-sided handle and a handle, a handle with a one-sided insert and a handle and a double-sided handle with an insert. Examples of variants show the following pictures:

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