Dublin handles

Handles are largely responsible for the functionality of the window – they allow you tilt, open and close it. In addition to the comfort of using the joinery, they also have a great impact on its aesthetic value. The MS beyond WINDOWS offer includes Dublin handles that can be used in windows and lift and slide doors, thus gaining full adjustment of the two types of constructions.

Characteristics of Dublin handles

Dublin handles have a simple, angular shape. It makes the accessories compatible with constructions in all colour variants, intended for installation in rooms arranged in various styles. They perfectly harmonize with the current trends in interior design, and easily adapt to classic solutions. The handles are available in three finishes:

  • powder coated,
  • sandblasted anodized,
  • brushed anodized.

The accessories from the Dublin line, which are in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer, are available for windows as well as for lift and slide doors. The following colour options are available:

  • white,
  • brown,
  • F1 sandblasted,
  • F1 brushed,
  • F4 sandblasted,
  • F4 brushed,
  • black sandblasted,
  • brushed black,
  • INOX brushed.

Dublin window handles

The pictures below show the colour versions of Dublin window handles (in the basic version).

Dublin window handles with a button

In addition to the standard window accessory, Dublin is also available with a button. In order to turn the handle, it is necessary to press the button and hold it while changing the position of the element in relation to the sash. This solution will be appreciated primarily by parents of small children. It is a protection against unwanted opening of the window. The offered handle colours are listed below.

Dublin window handles with a key

Another type of security are Dublin handles with a key. Their rotation requires the use of a key. This allows, for example, to leave the window in a tilted position without fear of its undesirable opening. Similarly to the option with a button, accessories with a key are perfect for rooms where there are small children. Another feature is also worth noting. The security in the form of a key makes it difficult for a burglar to open the window from the outside.

Dublin handles for Patio HST

Dublin handles can also be installed in lift and slide doors. There are three configurations available in Patio HST:

  • one-sided handle + grip handle,
  • one-sided handle with a cylinder lock + grip handle,
  • double-sided handle with a cylinder lock.

Patio HST accessories are perfectly matched, in terms of design and colour, to the window components. Thanks to this, both types of constructions perfectly harmonize with each other. The colours of the handles are shown in the photos below.

If a grip handle is used, the handle is mounted on the inside, and the grip handle on the outside. The colour variants of this combination are presented in the gallery below.

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