Engines with emergency opening

Electric blinds are devices that are very popular among lovers of comfortable solutions. However, their use may be somewhat problematic if the power is cut off. To avoid inconvenience due to the absence of an emergency power source, emergency motors are used. They allow you to lower or raise the armor of the blinds with a crank.

Jak engine worksand with emergency opening?

Electric blinds, as the name suggests, require access to electricity. Power cut-off means that it is not possible to lift/lower the device. In this case, if there is no emergency power source in the house, you can not change the position of the blinds. In order to avoid this situation, motors with the option of emergency control of the blind shall be used. When used, the armor can be raised or lowered even if the device does not have access to electricity. This function is realized thanks to a special crank.

Motor with emergency shutter opening.

Kiedy worth using an emergency drive motor?

Motors enabling manual repositioning of roller shutters are mainly used in places where immediate lowering or lifting of the armour is needed in the absence of access to electricity. They include, among others different types of service and trade points. It’s also a good idea to choose to control your blind under any circumstances – even if the power is cut off.

Engines with emergency opening in MS more than WINDOWS

Blinds available in the MS offer more than WINDOWS can be equipped with special NHK engines. Thanks to the built-in crank mechanism, these devices allow manual control of the position of the blind in the absence of access to electricity.

Engine with built-in crankset.
Crank mechanism.

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