Fittings for aluminum windows with a 16 mm slot

Fittings are elements that largely determine the functionality of the structure. The Premium 86 windows feature Siegenia TITAN AF components in the version intended for aluminum joinery. They differ from the system used in PVC windows, among others the structure of the lower corner and the tilt hitch …

Elements of Siegenia TITAN AF fittings for aluminum windows

The standard equipment of Premium 86 windows includes the following elements:

  • KoPiBo bolts

KoPiBo mushrooms are the basic components of Siegenia TITAN AF hardware designed for aluminum windows with a 16 mm groove. They appear in elements attached to the sash. Their automatic regulation ensures smooth cooperation with the taps regardless of weather changes. As a result, locking and unlocking the window is easy.

KoPiBo movable rotary anti-burglary bolt.
  • Tilt hitch with ramps

One of the distinguishing elements of the Siegenia TITAN AF hardware for aluminum windows is the lower striker. It holds the bolt stably – both when the handle is in the closed position and when the sash is tilted. Special ramps work with the roller which is an element of the lower corner.

Tilt catch with ramps for aluminum windows with a 16 mm hardware groove.
  • Bottom corner with roller

Part of the lower corner is a roller that acts as a sash lifter. Thanks to it, the sash gently rises (when the roller rolls over the ramps), which means that its introduction into the frame requires much less effort. The rotating plug smoothly cooperates with the tilt catch.

Lower corner with a roller - Siegenia TITAN AF hardware element for aluminum windows with a 16 mm groove.
  • Steel circumferential catches

Perimeter catches are the basic frame elements of the fittings. They cooperate with movable KoPiBo mushrooms. The combination of steel and plastic ensures a low coefficient of friction. As a result, the cooperation between these components and the bolts is smooth and guarantees comfortable use of the window.

Perimeter catch for aluminum windows.
  • Microventilation

Microventilation is standard in aluminum windows with Siegenia TITAN AF fittings. A corner in combination with a special catch is responsible for a slight unsealing. To use this function, turn the handle so that it is between the tilt position and the “open” position (45 ° up from horizontal).

Microventilation hitch.
  • Lock of incorrect handle handling

Protection against incorrect operation of the handle is an element located in the upper corner of the sash. Its use means that the handle cannot be turned until the sash is fully in the frame. If you try to do this with the window open or tilted, you experience resistance.

Blockade of incorrect operation of the handle.
  • Supporting the closing of the leaves

The stay of the Siegenia TITAN AF system in aluminum windows supports the closing of the sash, which greatly facilitates the use of the woodwork – especially large-width structures. Its advantage is, among others a safety device that protects the tilted sash against accidental slamming.

Stay for aluminum windows with Siegenia TITAN AF fittings.
  • Hinges with a load capacity of 130 kg

Standard hinges with a load capacity of 130 kg are included in aluminum structures with a 16 mm hardware groove. These elements enable the opening and tilting of the window sashes.

Optional components for aluminum windows

Among the optional components available in aluminum windows with a 16 mm groove are:

  • Hidden hinges

Concealed hinges are completely hidden in the space between the frame and the sash. Therefore, they have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the structure. What’s more, this type of fittings makes it easier to keep the woodwork clean. Compared to standard hinges, they also have a higher load capacity – 150 kg.

Hidden hinges in aluminum windows.
  • Anti-theft catches

Anti-burglary catches enable the creation of structures with increased burglary resistance. The use of steel in combination with plastic guarantees smooth cooperation of components with KoPiBo bolts.

Anti-theft catch for aluminum windows.
  • Winter/SUMMER Valve

Component that allows you to change the ventilation depending on the weather. The tilt degree is modified by turning the movable element. Thanks to this, in winter you can provide the interior with a sufficient amount of fresh air without drafts.

Winter/SUMMER valve from Siegenia.

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