Hardware for wooden doors

The front door, apart from being a decoration of the house, should also provide adequate protection. Due to this, it is important to have appropriate fittings that guarantee the comfort of using the structure and protect the interior against burglary. MS Windows and Doors use solutions from renowned manufacturers – FUHR, SFS, Wilka, GU, Simmonswerk or KFV.

Fittings for wooden doors – aesthetics

Most door hardware components are invisible when the door is closed. The hinges determine the aesthetics of these elements of the construction equipment. They are used to connect the frame with the leaf, are responsible for the opening and proper functioning of the door, and also guarantee the appropriate level of security. The hinges used in wooden and wood-aluminum entrance doors and French Doors patio doors from the MS Windows and Doors range are distinguished by their diversity, attractive design and reliability. An extensive range of surface finishes on offer guarantees a perfect fit of the fittings to all types of doors.

Hinge side

SFS Easy 3D hinges

Easy 3D hinges are used primarily in wooden exterior and patio doors. In the case of structures from the MS Windows and Doors offer, they are available in all types of entrance doors and French Doors, except for wood-aluminum doors opening outwards. The reliability of Easy 3D hinges has been confirmed by laboratory tests carried out by the manufacturer and external institutions, as well as by their satisfied users. Particularly noteworthy is the uncomplicated adjustment in three planes, requiring only the use of an Allen key (vertically + 3 / -2 mm, horizontally +/- 3 mm, seal pressure +/- 2 mm).

SFS hinges for wooden doors

Other advantages of the hinge:

  • high load capacity ensuring stability of the structure,
  • adjustable when the door is closed,
  • independent adjustment mechanisms for each of the hinges,
  • presence of screws protecting against knocking out the pins,
  • availability of a wide range of colors.

Colors of SFS Easy 3D hinges

Easy 3D hinges are available in the following finishing variants:

  • black (RAL 9005),
  • brown (RAL 8017),
  • browned, light (F4),
  • brass plated,
  • matte nickel,
  • matt chrome,
  • INOX imitation (powder coated),
  • INOX imitation (anodized).
Colors of SFS hinges for wooden doors

Simonswerk VX hinges

Simonswerk hinges are used in wooden and aluminum outward opening doors. The specific structure of this structure requires the use of specialized hinges of high strength and appropriate aesthetics. Only available in stainless steel.

Simonswerk VX hinges

Anti-theft protection

When discussing the hinge side, one cannot omit the option of an anti-theft blockade from the hinge side (mainly used in the case of outward opening doors). The KFV blockade is a very effective and extremely easy-to-install solution that increases the door’s resistance to burglary. The interlocking two wedging elements effectively protect the places most exposed to burglary, thus making it practically impossible to force the door on the hinge side. This is an optional solution available upon request. Usually 1 element of this type is used, but it is possible to use more, e.g. under each hinge.

Anti-theft protection for wooden doors

Closing page

The structures of MS Windows and Doors use FUHR fittings, which offer “tailor-made” system solutions, adapted to the conditions and standards adopted on a given market. It is a specialist in the field of security systems that produces high-quality products that ensure safety and comfort of use. The extensive range of products allows us to meet the expectations of every customer.

Espagnolettes for wooden doors

Espagnolettes for wooden doors

Types of control in espagnolettes

The type of control is the way the door locks. The offer of MS Windows and Doors includes the following solutions:

  • bolts locked with a handle – after closing the structure, pull the handle up so that the hooks / auxiliary bolts lock the door, and then turn the key to lock the main lock;
  • bolts locked with a key – after closing the door, turn the key, which causes simultaneous locking of the auxiliary bolts and the main lock;
  • automatic espagnolettes – after closing the leaf, the auxiliary bolts automatically slide out and the main lock remains open until the key is turned.

Types of locking in espagnolettes

As standard, the doors produced by MS Windows and Doors are equipped with hook bolts (type 3), but other types of bolts can be used at the customer’s request.

Number of locking points in espagnolettes

Standard in the doors produced by MS Windows and Doors are 3 locking points (main lock + upper and lower locking point). In the case of very tall structures, a fourth locking point is added by means of suitable extensions. Optionally, you can order five-point espagnolette locks. The number of locking points primarily affects the burglary resistance of the door.

Double-leaf door – locking method

The inactive leaf can be locked in two ways:

  • up / down cantry bars – a standard solution in which the passive sash is unlocked by means of a handle in the cantry bar. At the bottom, a long cantril is used to ensure comfortable opening of the inactive leaf. The same element is also used in very high sashes at the top to increase the convenience of opening. An example of a component is shown in the picture below;
Cantilever for wooden doors
  • solution with two handles (both on the active and passive sash) – an option in which both sashes open using the handle.

Locks for lock and hooks / bolts

The FUHR system catches, used in doors manufactured by MS Okna i Drzwi, are perfectly matched to the espagnolette. Their range of adjustment enables trouble-free operation of the structure, which provides the user with the appropriate comfort of use. The high quality of the materials used and the precision of the equipment elements significantly increase the level of door safety.

Wooden door catches

Additional accessories

Optional elements that can be used in the door:

  • Additional lock – it can be installed in almost all doors, except for very low ones. It increases the anti-burglary protection.
Additional lock for wooden doors
  • Opening limiter (“rigid chain”) – prevents forcible entry into the room through a ajar door.
Opening limiter for wooden doors
  • Split handle connector – allows you to physically prevent the tongue from being withdrawn with the external handle, i.e. opening the door with the handle from the outside after closing.
Split door handle link for wooden doors
  • Roller tongue of the main lock – this element is used in doors with a handrail, so that it is possible to open them by pulling.
  • Main lock tongue with a comfortable latch – guarantees lower tongue resistance when locking the door and reduces noise.
  • Door opening limiter – this component allows to limit the door opening angle to 90 ° . It is used as a standard in outward opening doors.
Opening limiter for wooden doors
  • Wilka lock cylinders – available in two security classes (A – basic, C – anti-burglary). Duplicating the keys for the C class cylinder is possible only after presenting a special card with the cylinder serial number.

The patent inserts can be double-sided or one-sided. From the inside, the insert can be equipped with a knob.

Patent inserts for wooden doors

A special option is the emergency opening (also known as a safety function), which allows the key to be turned from the outside, even if there is also a key on the inside.

Emergency cylinder for wooden doors

Access control

Access control can be provided by an electric lock or a motorized espagnolette. The main difference between the two solutions is that the espagnolette can lock itself, which makes the door more resistant to force entry.

Both variants can be combined with keyless or remote access systems. The offer of MS Windows and Doors includes a wide range of solutions based on a motorized espagnolette. It is also possible to install an electric lock in the produced door at the factory.

The photos below show an electric lock and an optional access control (locking) sensor.

Electric lock in wooden doors and optional locking sensor

The diagram below shows the motorized espagnolette and keyless access solutions.

Keyless solutions for wooden doors

Access control options and possibilities:

SmartConnect easy

SmartConnect easy – connects to the home WiFi network and allows you to control the door via a smartphone application (Android and iOS). The application can control not only doors, but also garage doors, roller shutters and other devices.


SmartTouch – comfortable access. It is enough to have a transponder in your pocket or bag for the door to open automatically when you grab it by the handrail.

Multiscan go

Multiscan go – radio fingerprint reader, controlled by a remote control, can remember up to 50 fingerprints. The remote control supports two channels, e.g. a door reader and a garage door reader.

Radio keyboard

Radio keypad – allows you to open the door and garage door with separate codes between 4 and 8 digits long.

Radio remote control

Radio remote control – available in three- and four-channel version. With it, you can control the door, garage door and entrance gate.

Transponder reader

Transponder reader – just hold the transponder in front of the reader to open the door.

SmartConnect door

SmartConnect door – a bell connected to a video intercom, which allows you to see the person in front of the door from anywhere within the range of the Internet. Using the application, you can talk to the arriving person and grant them access remotely.

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