House and Garden

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A Commercial Partner has opened a modern one

New Sales Salon

On Friday (August 9), the company  House and garden  officially opened its new showroom. The ceremony was attended by invited guests from MS more than WINDOWS . President Mr. Szymon Sarna, on behalf of the Management Board and The Directorate of MS, conveyed to the Owners of the House and Garden, wishes for further development and successes themselves.

Opening of the Home and Garden showroom.

The salon looks very elegant, modern and will certainly meet the expectations of customers. The exhibition was also expanded.

House and Garden.

We congratulate the owners and employees of the Dom i Ogród company on the opening of the new headquarters and wish them prosperity and satisfaction with the activities carried out. Let your enthusiasm and energy never leave you.

New MS window showroom.

We invite all customers to the showroom in Kafar, Piotrków County (near Piotrków Trybunalski).


House and Garden

Caper 2

97-306 Grabica

Window showroom, pile driver.

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