Insure your windows – for as little as PLN 1 per year

Sometimes, for reasons unknown to us, the glass breaks shortly after the window is installed. What do we do then? We are looking for the reason and culprits for this event. Maybe it’s due to poor installation, maybe transport, or maybe bad use…

Now you don’t have to worry about it. We have launched a program that insures our clients against such situations.

“Insure Windows” program

enables insurance of undamaged window and door glass in single-family houses, residential and commercial premises.

Insurance coverage:

damage to the insured property as a result of breakage, breakage or other damage, subject to the exclusions as below.

The insurance does not cover damages:

1) caused by scratching, scratching, painting (graffiti), color change and chipping of pieces of the surface,

2) resulting from defects in the installation of the subject of insurance,

3) caused during renovation, replacement or disassembly of an item,

4) whose value does not exceed PLN 100.

The insurance covers both window and door glass, including various types of glass (float, tempered, laminated, insulated).

The insurance costs only PLN 1 and is valid all year round.

The rules for joining the program are very simple. When purchasing windows, just indicate your willingness to purchase glass insurance for PLN 1, and our representative will take care of the rest. Our Sales Partner will complete all formalities related to the policy on behalf of the Customer.

The program provides protection for joinery products that were purchased directly from our Sales Representatives .

In the event of damage, the Customer may contact directly the insurer or the Trading Partner from whom he made the purchase.

The insurer will carry out the claims settlement process in accordance with the insurance conditions.

It is important that the customer remembers to keep documentation regarding the damage, such as photos of the damaged windshield and police reports (if applicable).

If you have any additional questions regarding the “Insure Glass” Program, please contact our Sales Representatives .

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