MS more than WINDOWS on Fensterbau Frontale

MARCH 19-22, 2024

Today, our company’s representation went to the three-day Fensterbau Frontale fair in picturesque Nuremberg! A team of over 40 people, consisting of experienced specialists, managers and the company’s Management Board, is ready for intensive days of exploring the secrets of the latest trends and technological innovations in the world of joinery.

This year’s Fensterbau Frontale promises to be extremely interesting, presenting not only innovative solutions, but also directions of industry development that may revolutionize our approach to the production of windows and doors. Our team will actively participate in seminars, presentations and workshops to obtain as much valuable information and ideas as possible, which will allow us to better meet the expectations of our clients.

Stay up to date with us by following our social media, where we will regularly publish reports from the fair and share our observations and reflections on the latest achievements in the joinery industry.

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