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Large white windows in the living room.

What’s in the glass?

The amount of light entering the room and the thermal insulation – these are examples of issues affected by the glass used in the window. About the construction of the shaft package, as well as its parameters, you will read in the article We builddom.

Under the banner of innovation – MS sums up 4DD

Modern technologies play an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. We are also looking for innovative solutions when buying window joinery. On passive building you will find information about 4 Design Days – events, during which representatives of various industries present the most modern products.

How to choose warm windows?

You can read about warm windows and the relationship between the size of the structure and the heat transfer coefficient on the Architecture & Business page. In the article you will also find the most important rules of proper installation.

Questions about large glazing

Nowadays, large glazing is very popular with customers. Before purchasing such structures, however, there are doubts about safety, convenience of use, as well as the thermal insulation of the joinery. You can read the answers to the most common questions related to large windows on

Windows for houses with a soul

The creation of increasingly modern buildings is not the only trend in construction. Many people choose to create projects stylized for traditional buildings. This does not mean that they have to give up the advantages of choosing PVC joinery. About structures adapted to the old construction says an article on the portal

Large glazing with easier installation

It would seem that the purchase of large window joinery is associated with difficult transport. Nothing more wrong – Patio HST 76 can be transported in parts, and the assembly can only be done at the customer’s premises. You can learn more about this from architecture &business.

Take a look from the sun

The most effective way to avoid excessive heating of the interior in the summer is undoubtedly the use of external covers. You can read about the advantages of blinds and façade blinds in

House without insects

How to protect yourself from insects during the summer? It is best to choose to install a solid mosquito net. For more information on choosing the right solution, visit oslony21.

How to choose a good exterior door?

External doors affect the appearance of the building, as well as the safety of its inhabitants. Among the recommended solutions are aluminum structures, which stand out strength and weather resistance. On the Portal Dom you will learn what to look for when buying a door.

Windows like wood

PVC functionality and wood appearance – these terms can apply to a single product. Wood-like films and the technique of connecting profiles at right angles make PVC windows resemble wooden structures. You can read about the possibilities of modern joinery on

How to choose a terrace door?

Choosing terrace doors is not one of the simplest tasks. Before buying this type of construction, it is worth paying attention safety, as well as thermal insulation. For tips on choosing the right joinery, see POiD.

New rules on joinery

The requirements for the thermal insulation of windows and doors mean that joinery installed in new construction must have a much lower heat transfer coefficient than in the past. Information on the applicable standards and subsidies for window replacement is presented in the article on the WINDOW AND DOOR page.

Windows perfectly matched to your home – is it possible?

Modern joinery gives you plenty of possibilities. A wide range of profiles, veneers and fittings make windows fully suited to the needs of their users. For more information, visit the Homebook portal.

Which window panes are the best?

What are the impact of shaft inserts? What are the characteristics of different types of glazing? These are examples of questions that the article on the Homebook page answers.

UV-resistant PVC window veneers

Films used in the veneering process not only affect the appearance of windows, but also protect profiles from adverse weather ingress. About the properties of the film and the technologies used says an article on the site BuildDom.

Exterior blinds or façade blinds?

More and more customers are aware that external guards are the most effective solution for securing the interior from excessive heating in the summer. What is a better choice – blinds or façade blinds? This question is answered by the portal BuildHome.

mSun façade blinds

Façade blinds belong to the group of external covers available in the MS offer more than WINDOWS. Control capabilities as well as lamella properties are presented in an article on the Architecture & Business website.

What is HFL technology?

Window profiles are connected to each other at a 45° angle as standard. In MS more than WINDOWS, a technology has been developed that allows you to combine profiles at right angles – from the inside, as well as from the outside. Detailed information can be found in the article We buildDom.

Slim thermal partition window system

Although windows should be primarily functional, their appearance also matters. SliM products can successfully replace steel profiles and thus test themselves in modern construction. You can read about the advantages of this solution on the Website BuildHome.

Does the surface of the windows affect their energy efficiency?

The surface of the windows affects the heat transfer coefficient. You can find out why the ratio of the surface of the glazing package to the surface of the entire window determines the uw parameter value, you will learn from the article BuildDom.

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