Muntin bars for PVC windows

Muntin bars for PVC windows are used for aesthetic reasons. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain an effect similar to the appearance of traditional woodwork – a structure divided into several parts. The solutions available in the MS more than WINDOW offer include Viennese muntin bars and interior muntin bars.

Muntins glued to PVC windows

Glued-on muntin bars, also known as Viennese muntins, are attached to the outer sides of the glazing unit. In order to obtain the effect as close as possible to the classic construction, a blind muntin (duplex) is placed between the glass panes. This element is made of an inter-pane frame. The use of duplex in conjunction with muntins effectively imitates the solution found in historic architecture. Glued-on muntins, available in the MS more than WINDOW offer, are available in three widths: 25, 45 and 65 mm. They are made of PVC.

The window is equipped with glued muntins.

Inside muntins

Aluminum internal muntins are located in double glazing between the panes of glass. Thanks to their presence, the window looks as if it consists of several smaller parts. At the same time – due to their location – they do not constitute any obstacle in keeping the structure clean. This is undoubtedly their great advantage. These elements are available in the following widths: 7.5 mm; 18 mm; 26 mm and 45 mm. It is possible not only to connect them with each other at different angles, but also to bend them into arcs. When placing an order, it is worth remembering that inter-pane muntins are available only for frames with a width of 12-16 mm. In the case of triple-glazed units, these elements are placed in the outer chamber. The appropriate distance between the muntins and the glass is ensured by silicone bumpons.

Window with muntins.

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