Patio PSK wooden-aluminium

Drewniano-aluminiowe drzwi
uchylno-przesuwne z okuciami PORTAL PSK comfort.

Drewniane Patio PSK.

For windows and doors of large size, it is necessary to use properly selected profiles and reinforcements. An example of this type of construction are wooden-aluminum swing-sliding doors from the ms window and door offer. Their operation does not require much effort due to the presence of Siegenia-branded eyes.

Wooden-aluminium Patio PSK – lines

Wooden-aluminium Patio PSK, which is part of the MS Window and Door range,comes in three product lines: Classic, Modern and Art. The available variants differ in the finish of the wing cling. The variety of offer makes it possible to find a structure fully adapted to the architectural style of the building, as well as the way of interior design.

Wooden-aluminium Patio PSK – profiles

The wings and door frames of the wooden-aluminium swing-sliding doors are made of profiles with a thickness of 80 mm. In the MS range windows and doors there are also structures created from wing profiles with a thickness of 68 mm. Both options are available in three product line variants (Classic, Modern, Art). An example of an 80 mm thick wooden-aluminium Patio PSK Modern is illustrated in the graphic below.

Wooden-aluminium Patio PSK – diagrams

Tilt-sliding structures from the OFFER MS Windows and Doors can be made in numerous opening schemes, adapted to the needs of customers. See the graphic below for your options. They differ in the number and location of fixed and transfer accommodation.

Wood variants and available colours

Tilt-moving structures can be made in a variety of variants, depending on the preferred type and color of wood. The raw material grades offered have different physical properties and external appearance. Importantly, rich color palettes allow you to get the product in line with customers’ expectations.

Fork in tilt-and-move structures

In the wooden-aluminium swing-sliding doors from the MS range Windows and Doors there are siegenia-branded headgeaches. They come in two variants:

  • PSK 160 comfort,
  • PSK 200-Z comfort.

The first option is used in structures where the weight of the wing does not exceed 160 kg. The presence of PORTAL PSK comfort mechanisms guarantees trouble-free operation of stately swing-and-sliding doors. In turn, the largest doors use psk 200-Z mechanisms – a system with assisted tilt function. The comfort of operating the wings with a weight of up to 200 kg is due to the use of additional carts.

Wózek jezdny stosowany w konstrukcjach Patio PSK.

Smooth operation of active wings

Siegenia PORTAL PSK comfort is part of the group of equipment – an element that allows gentle introduction of the wing into the frame. It is located in the running rail, which in turn ensures smooth movement of active wings. The presence of these mechanisms positively affects the convenience of operating wooden-aluminium swing-sliding doors.

Door handles for wooden-aluminium Patio PSK

The door handles installed in patio PSK 130 and 160 are available in the basic version, as well as with the key. Optionally, a double-sided door handle with a lock can also be placed in the wooden-aluminium door. To make this possible, use wider wing straps from the handle side.

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