Patio PSK

Tilt and slide doors equipped with PORTAL PSK comfort hardware.

Patio PSK available in MS beyond WINDOWS offer.

Properly selected profiles and reinforcements allow to create large structures. Such solutions include tilt and slide doors (Patio PSK) available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer. They owe their functionality to Siegenia hardware mechanisms.

Patio PSK – types of hardware

Tilt and slide constructions from the MS beyond WINDOWS offer differ from each other e.g. the type of hardware used. The options are:

  • PSK 100,
  • PSK 130,
  • PSK 160,
  • PSK 200-Z.

The first are the smallest constuctions in which PORTAL PSK 100 comfort hardware is used. Their height can range from 800 mm to 1800 mm. In turn, PSK 130 and PSK 160 are doors that require the use of hardware adapted to the sashes weighing up to 130 kg or up to 160 kg. For the largest constructions, PSK 200-Z mechanisms are used, i.e. a system with force-controlled top stays. Comfortable using of sashes with a weight of up to 200 kg is provided by additional bogie wheels.

Bogie wheels used in Patio PSK constructions.

Smooth opening and closing

Among the elements of Siegenia PORTAL PSK comfort hardware, there is a trigger that allows the sash to be gently placed in the frame. It is located in a running rail that guarantees smooth sliding of active sashes. The presence of these components ensures the convenience of using tilt and slide doors.

Patio PSK opening schemes

Tilt and slide doors from the MS beyond WINDOWS offer can be made in the following variants:

Scheme A – double-quarter construction (one fixed quarter and the other tilt and slide).

Scheme A - one of the variants of Patio PSK.

Scheme C – four-quarter construction (two middle tilt and slide quarters, with a flying mullion).

Scheme C - one of the Patio PSK variants.

Scheme G – triple-quarter construction (two fixed quarters and one tilt and slide).

Scheme G - one of the Patio PSK variants.

In addition, it is possible to fulfill orders for other, individually developed projects.

Handles for tilt and slide doors

The handles installed in Patio PSK 130 and 160 are available in the basic version as well as with the key.

In addition, these structures can be equipped with a double-sided handle with a lock. In this case, a wider (terrace) sash must be used. Automatic hardware, in turn, require the use of special accessories. Apart from one-sided handles, there are also two-sided handles with a lock (in a wide sash).

Patio PSK design capabilities

The maximum dimensions of tilt and slide doors available in the MS beyond WINDOWS offer are influenced by several factors, e.g. statics of the PVC profiles and reinforcements used. Choosing the right profiles of frames, sashes, mullions and reinforcements allows to achieve adequate strength in large-sized heavy constructions. It is also possible to increase the feasibility ranges by glass bonding. It is worth noting that for colour windows, as a rule, it is possible to make constructions with slightly smaller dimensions. In addition, the feasibility ranges are influenced by the weight of the glazed unit and the position of the window in the building (due to wind suing).

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