Premium Windows 86

Premium 86 windows are aluminum constructions that are distinguished by very good thermal parameters, as well as the availability of a wide range of colours. Their comfortable use is due to the use of durable Winkhaus boundary eyecloths. The new IDEM Line series of elegant door handles also deserves special attention.

Premium Window Characteristics 86

Premium Windows 86 is the perfect solution for demanding customers. The system is characterized by low heat transfer coefficient and rich RAL colours with wood-like colours (approx. 200 variants). It is also worth mentioning the permissible dimensions of the structure – height 3000 mm, width 1700 mm and wing weight 150 kg.

Components for favourable performance

The design capabilities and thermal parameters of premium 86 windows are due to the use of durable aluminium profiles equipped with wide thermal spacers and the presence of a three-gasket system. It consists of two end-of-the-road seals (one on the inside of the window and the other on the outside) and a two-part central seal. It is designed to seal and thermally insulate the space between the wing and the door frame.

Premium window capabilities 86

A wide range of glazing allows the use in Premium 86 windows of all common types of glazing inserts, acoustic or anti-burglary. In turn, a large range of profiles guarantees obtaining the required aesthetics and adapting to the design. Importantly, the system is also available in a variant with additional thermal spacer (SI). It improves the thermal insulation of the structure by approx. 10 000 m2. 5%. In the case of a reference window with a GLASS SUPERtermo 0,5, the following parameters are obtained:

Premium Window 86

Uw = 1,073 W/m2K with warm MS frame

Uw = 0.909W/m2K with CHROMATECH frame

Uw = 0.880 W/m2K with Thermobar frame

Premium Window 86 AI

Uw = 1,020 W/m2K with warm MS frame

Uw = 0.856 W/m2K with CHROMATECH frame

Uw = 0.827 W/m2K with Thermobar frame

Safety and convenience

Premium 86 windows are equipped with durable Winkhaus boundary circuits. They come with both standard and hidden hinges. For safety reasons, the designs are equipped with an RC0 package as standard. It consists of 4 burglar hooks and a handle with secustik system.

The placement of the tabs in premium 86 windows is shown in the graphic below.

The comfortable use is provided by the lock on the turn of the slide handle, which is part of the standard window equipment. To increase the reliability of use, each design has a reinforced valve hinge. Its use allowed to increase the permissible weight of the wing from 100 to 130 kg. More load capacity also means more stable operation and a much smaller number of potential window adjustments in the future.

Comparison of window hinges.

Colors of premium window accessories 86

For visible hinges you can choose casings in a shade that matches the color scheme of the structure. MS offers more than WINDOWS and includes the following variants: white, brown, silver F1, old gold F4 and titanium/stainless steel F9. Recently, matte black casings are also available.

Cover in matt black.

For Premium 86 window handles, you can opt for the following shades: white, brown, silver F1, old F4 gold, F9 stainless steel and stainless steel. It is worth paying attention to the new series of handles IDEM Line. Not only do they add elegance to the interior, but they also create harmony between aluminium windows, entrance doors and lift-and-move structures(Patio HST). These accessories are made of high quality matt brushed stainless steel.

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