Roof door access

Kitchens for terrace doors - locks.

Glazed structures of large size have recently attracted a lot of interest. Their functionality depends depending on the Accessories. In MS more than WINDOWS, different roofing devices are used, results tailored to customers’ expectations.

Withterrace hares controlled by a key or handle

Among the solutions used in terrace doors produced by MS more than WINDOWS there is a terrace lock, controlled by a key or handle. A standard option is a lock with one lock and four mushrooms. Another solution is, for example, a combination of two locks and two hook-bolts. The operation of the terrace lock consists in locking the sash on the side of the handle. The control of the handle means that lifting it upwards results in the door locking at several points. However, the lock occurs when the key in the insert is twisted. In the case of key control, the door is locked and locked at the same time as a result of the use of the key.

Aboutforging for terrace doors – B-TV lock

Another option that can be used in terrace doors is the door handle-controlled B-TV lock. This solution allows you to move the drive using additional elements (corner, extensions). In this case, locking is carried out on the principle of a lock of the headdling – the insert locks the cassette of the main lock. Unlike the terraced butcher, there is no main coiling in the B-TV. By trimming the door with the B-TV lock, a high-tight design is achieved.

Usingthe 3PZ

Profiles used in the production of terrace doors are also used for the construction of balcony doors. In their case, a 3PZ butt is used. This item looks like a standard window blocker. The difference lies in the presence of an additional insert that blocks the movement of the equipment. In the 3PZ locking locking is carried out on the principle of locking the drive strip. With this method of ent winding, you can not only get the ability to unravel the door, but also to evade it.

Roof door-to-door hems – hinges

Hinges are also an important part of door fixtures. For terrace structures that open inward, window hinges can be used. In addition, there are BKV Solid 150hinges, which are mounted in the door openable to the outside. Another option is the SFS rebate hinges. This solution has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the structure.

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