Gaskets for wooden windows

Location of the gasket for wooden windows.

Gaskets for wooden windows protect structures from water and wind. MS Windows and Doors offer includes accessories from companies experienced in the design and manufacture of gasket profiles for windows and doors. They come in several colours, so you can easily match them to the look of your construction.

Gaskets for wooden windows – function

Gaskets fill the gaps between the profile elements. They are exposed to extreme temperatures, sunlight (including destructive ultraviolet radiation), rain, as well as wind. Among the main tasks performed by gaskets are:

Construction of a gasket for wooden windows

The gasket for wooden windows has a chamber structure. On the one side, it is flat, so it can properly adhere to the wall of the profile. On the other, it has a chamber-shaped profiling or several chambers with tabs. When pressed with a sash, gaskets must take the shape which carefully filling space that should be gasketed. In wooden windows, 2 rebate gaskets are used, which are located at the contact of the sash and frame. They are pressed when the sash is closed, which significantly increases the water tightness of the structure and reduces wind permeability.

Gasket materials

Materials that are not damaged in contact with paints are used for the production of gaskets. Thanks to the use of suitable materials, gaskets retain their excellent properties for many years. An undoubted advantage of these elements is tensile strength and resistance to deformation under the influence of high temperature. The graphic below shows the standard colour versions of the gaskets used in the windows from the MS Windows and Doors offer. On individual request it is possible to use different colours.

Colours of gaskets for wooden windows.

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