Silicone for wooden windows

Silicone is one of the components used in the production process of wooden constructions. It is responsible, inter alia, for sealing the contact surface of the glazed unit with the wood surface. Silicones used in MS Windows and Doors are available in various colors, what allows to match them to the appearance of the woodwork.

Features of silicone for wooden windows

The main tasks of silicone for wooden windows include:

  • sealing the contact surface of the glass with the wood,
  • protecting contruction from the ingress of water,
  • protecting the window in such a way that water cannot enter the room.

The seal used in the constructions of the MS Windows and Doors offer is distinguished by:

  • durability,
  • total resistance to changing weather conditions,
  • preserving its properties when exposed to UV radiation.

Silicone colour variants

Silicone is used at the glazing rim (outer side) and also at the glazing bead (inner side). This is shown in the graphic below.

Silicone for wooden windows.

Products used to seal the constructions of the MS Windows and Doors offer come in several colour versions. On individual request, the joinery can be made using silicone in the colour chosen by the customer. Standard colour variants are as follows:

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