SOFT CLOSE mechanism

Lift and slide doors, in which the SOFT CLOSE mechanism can be used.

The lift and sliding doors, due to their dimensions, are characterized by a large weight. As a matter of view, their operation requires more effort and caution than this is the case with standard windows. The more comfortable use of the Patio HST 76 and Patio HST 82 guarantees the SOFT CLOSE mechanism, which makes it much easier to bringthe wing into the frame.

How does SOFT CLOSE work?

In the lift and sliding doors Patio HST 76 and Patio HST 82,available in ms offer more than WINDOWS, you can use the soft closing function – SOFT CLOSE. It involves the use of siegenia’s special mechanism. This element is attached to the wing. When closing the sash, the bumper, which is part of the mechanism, hits the hitch on the guide and attaches to it. As a result, the gas spring inside the product is extended. When closing the sash, the user can observe its deceleration, and then a gentle introduction to the frame.

Siegenia's SOFT CLOSE mechanism.

SOFT CLOSE mechanism – advantages

Siege’s mechanism makes closing windows up to 300 kg much more comfortable. The advantage of this element is safety of users. The use of SOFT CLOSE reduces the risk of injury in case of mis-handling of lift and sliding doors. Importantly, the wing is gently introduced into the frame. This avoids damage due to too dynamic wing closure and the associated noise. The visual issue is also not insignificant – the element is hidden, so it does not adversely affect the appearance of patio HST. The mechanism is functionality is shown in the following video:

Soft closing in MS more than WINDOWS

SOFT CLOSE is an optional solution for the HST 76 and Patio HST 82 lift and sliding doors. Importantly, depending on the size of the structure, this option can be used when closing the sash, as well as when closing and opening. It is also worth mentioning that the presented mechanism allows you to keep a constant distance of the wing from the upper rail. In order for the self-regulation to function properly, proper assembly of the element plays a key role.

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