Static console

The element improving the statics of the compact roller shutter box.

Static console.

The rigidity of structural elements is one of the most important parameters determining the windows and external covers. has particularly important for products of relatively large sizes. A static console is used to improve the statics of the compact blind. Thanks to it, the cover can be properly fixed on the window.

What is the function of a static console?

Mounting a compact blind on large windows requires special solutions that ensure proper rigidity. The appropriate parameters can be obtained through the static console. This element allows the box to be correctly attached to the window, as well as the pyjamas. For this reason, it ensures the safety of the use of the product. The static console not only guarantees proper operation of the armor of the blinds, but also of the window wings.

Static console in the blind box.

Amplifying console in MS more than WINDOWS

The parameters of the materials used in the production process in MS more than WINDOWS allow to minimize the number of additional reinforcements and structural elements. However, this option is not always possible. For large windows, it is necessary to take care of the proper rigidity of the frame. The reinforcing console stabilizes the roller shutter box on the window and at the same time prevents undesirable sagging of the frame.

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