Types of Aluron cladding

Aluminum claddings used in wooden structures are designed to protect the woodwork against the harmful effects of weather conditions. The assortment of MS Windows and Doors includes, among others extensive range of Aluron cladding. The variety of available solutions allows us to meet the requirements of all customers.

Aluron cladding for wooden structures

Aluron aluminium cladding is available in several variants. The following tables show the options available in the MS Windows and Doors offer. The profiles offered differ primarily in appearance.

  • Cladding for wooden windows and balcony doors:
Types of cladding (profile with frame gasket)Types of cladding (profile without frame seal)
ClassicClassic SF
QuadratQuadrat SF
Quadrat FBQuadrat FB SF
Aluron cladding combination - version with frame seal.
Aluron cladding – version with frame gasket.
Aluron cladding combination - version without frame seal.
Aluron cladding – version without frame seal.
  • Cladding for wooden lifting and sliding doors:
Types of cladding for Patio HST – sliding doors made of wood
Quadrat (Quadrat FB, Linear)

Gemini Classic cladding

Gemini Classic are the classic, most popular aluminium cladding systems. They are characterized by a delicate bevel, as well as a matching rounding. They come in the classic version and also without it (Classic SF). In the case of a variant without a gasket, a bevel on the wooden lower frame of the door frame is responsible for drainage the water supply to the drainage holes.

Cladding Aluron - classic variant.
Aluron Classic cladding, Classic wing profile (gr. 80 mm), with frame gasket (IV DuAL 80 ACC).
Aluron cladding - Classic SF variant.
Aluron Classic SF cladding, Classic wing profile (gr. 80 mm), without frame seal (IV DuAL 80 ACC B).

Quadrat cladding

This system is distinguished by its modern appearance. The cladding does not have a slanted shape, only angular. The surface of the wing cladding is reversed in relation to the surface of the frame cladding. This solution will undoubtedly work for joinery used in modern facilities. It is also available in the Quadrat SF version – without frame seal.

Cladding Aluron - quadrat variant.
Aluron Quadrat cladding, Modern wing profile (gr. 80 mm), with frame gasket (IV DuAL 80 AQM).
Cladding Aluron - variant quadrat SF.
Aluron Quadrat SF cladding, Modern wing profile (gr. 80 mm), without frame seal (IV DuAL 80 AQM B).

Quadrat FB cladding

A system similar in appearance to the above-described variant. The difference between these versions is that for the FB version, the wing cladding surface and the frame cladding surface form a single plane. Not only does this positively affect the appearance of the structure, but also allows the installation of a shaft insert with a larger width. This type of cladding is also available in the non-sealed version of the frame (Quadrat FB SF).

Cladding Aluron - variant Quadrat FB.
Aluron Quadrat FB cladding, Modern wing profile (gr. 80 mm), with frame gasket (IV DuAL 80 AFM).
Aluron cladding - a variant of quadrat FB SF.
Cladding Aluron Quadrat FB SF, wing profile Modern (gr. 80 mm), without frame gasket (IV DuAL 80 AFM B).

Linear cladding

In the case of Linear cladding, as in the previous variant, the surface of the wing is facing the surface of the frame. The difference between these systems is the different angle between the lining and the outer plane of the profiles. In the Linear version, this is not a right angle – there is a clearly outlined bevel.

Cladding Aluron - linear variant.
Aluron Linear cladding, Modern wing profile (gr. 80 mm), frame seal profile (IV DuAL 80 ALM).

Softline cladding

The Softline variant is distinguished by the rounded shape of the aluminum profile. Compared to the Classic system, there is also a larger bevel. This solution will certainly attract the attention of supporters of gentle lines.

Aluron cladding - softline variant.
Aluron Softline cladding, Classic wing profile (gr. 80 mm), frame gasket profile (IV DuAL 80 ASC).

Retro cladding

The Retro version adapts exceptionally well to historic buildings. It is also successful in objects stylized for years ago. The unusual shape of the cladding emphasizes the unusual nature of wooden windows.

Aluron cladding - retro variant.
Aluron Retro cladding, Art wing profile (gr. 80 mm), frame seal profile (IV DuAL 80 ARA).

Integral cladding

The Integral system allows you to create a structure resembling solid glazing. For this variant, the wing cladding is not visible from the outside. Due to the fact that on the façade of the building you can see only the cladding of the door door, the object acquires lightness. The angular shape, as well as the lack of a clear bevel, make this solution perfectly adapt to modern architecture.

Aluron cladding - integral variant.
Aluron Integral cladding, Classic wing profile (gr. 80 mm), frame seal profile (IV DuAL 80 AIM).

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