Warm profile under the frame

Warm subliminal extension offered by MS more than WINDOWS.

Among the requirements for modern window joinery is reducing heat loss in the place where the structure connects to the wall. For the lower window element, this function is performed by the under window profile XPS. Under balconies, terrace constructions and doors with an aluminium threshold, a warm profile under the frame can be used.

Warm profile under the frame – what is it?

Warm profile under the frame is an element made of special material, characterized by high density, as well as very good thermal insulation. It is used to eliminate the thermal bridge – a place with much worse thermal insulation compared to the surrounding area. This element therefore avoids unwanted heat losses causing coolness in the room and also contributing to increased heating expenditure.

Advantages of warm profile under the frame

The use of warm profile under the frame allows to reduce “freezing” under doors with aluminium threshold, terrace structures and balconies. In addition, the use of this element allows the installation of the frame in case the floor has not yet been poured. In such a situation, the construction needs proper support so that there is no appearance of undesirable deformation.

Warm profile under the frame in MS beyond WINDOWS offer

Warm profile under the frame from MS beyond WINDOWS offer is available in one depth – 67 mm. Its height, however, can be adjusted to the customer’s needs (from 50 to 240 mm every 10 mm).

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