Warm under window profile XPS

Element enabling the elimination of drafts under the window.

Warm XPS window profile, which allows you to reduce the amount of heat consumed.

During the construction or renovation of the house, solutions that allow significant reduction of heat loss play an increasing role. This type of component is e.g. warm under window profile XPS available in MS beyond WINDOWS offer. The use of this component makes it possible to significantly reduce the amount of heat energy consumed.

Warm under window profile XPS – what is it?

The under window profile XPS, also called a warm window sill, is an extruded polystyrene element. It is used to eliminate a thermal bridge, i.e. a place with significantly worse thermal insulation compared to its surroundings. Thanks to it, it is possible to reduce energy losses caused by heat loss through the building. This has a positive effect on both the comfort of staying in the rooms and the amount of energy bills needed to heat the interior.

Advantages of a warm under window profile

The use of the XPS profile results in the displacement of the 0°C isotherm outside the building wall. Due to this, no freezing zone is formed in the wall. In addition, the use of an extruded polystyrene component has a positive effect on the sealing of the connection under the window. This not only reduces unpleasant drafts, but also protects against water ingress. The tightness is due to the presence of a special lock, fitted to the frame profile, with a place for glue, and the expansion tape attached to the PVC strip in the XPS profile. Moreover, the construction mounted on a warm under window profile is characterized by high stability.

Isotherms on a warm under window profile XPS.
Image of the window isotherms on XPS Prime model PX02XT profile from Klinar.

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