Warranty for wooden windows

Thanks to the modern production technology, the quality of the used components and many years of experience, wooden and wood-aluminium products from the MS Windows and Doors offer are covered by a 5-year warranty. It concerns not only the functioning of windows, but also all of the used elements, inter alia, gaskets and drip caps.

Proper window care

In order to ensure the long-term proper functioning of the windows, it is necessary to take regular care of the condition of the wooden joinery. MS Windows and Doors offers special care kits. Their systematic use ensures proper protection of the coating. This significantly extends the life of the structure and causes the windows to retain their impeccable appearance for a long time. The care kit includes a cleaning fluid and a Teknocare emulsion. The cleaning fluid effectively removes dirt, grease and other contaminants from wooden surfaces. Teknocare emulsion, on the other hand, gives the joinery a unique shine. At the same time, it effectively protects surfaces damaged by weather conditions – sun, rain and frost. However, it should be borne in mind that it does not replace the traditional renovation of a damaged coating.

Teknos care kit for wooden windows and doors.

Inspection of the condition of the hardware

A necessary activity, which greatly affects the life of the joinery, is regular inspection of the condition of the hardware. Systematic adjustment and replacement of damaged or worn elements significantly increases the time of proper functioning of windows. First of all, do not forget about lubricating and oiling moving parts and locking spots. For this purpose, only lubricant or oil without acids and resins may be used.

Checking the tightness of structural elements

An important element of the inspection of wooden and wood-aluminium joinery is also the control of the tightness of silicones, drip caps and regular inspection of the technical condition of gaskets. The above treatments are worth performing at least 2 times a year. Such procedures ensure trouble-free using of the construction for many years. The full range of activities related to proper joinery care can be found in the Warranty Cards.

Elements covered by the warranty

The warranty for products from the MS Windows and Doors offer covers not only the functioning of the wooden structure itself, but also each of the used components. It concerns, inter alia, coating, glazed units, hardware, aluminium cladding, handles, gaskets and drip caps.

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