Ways to open terrace doors

Double-leaf PVC terrace doors.

MS offer more than WINDOWS includes not only windows, but also PVC terrace doors. Importantly, these types of products come in two variants – they open inside or outside. Depending on the needs of customers, the lower part of the structure can be a frame or a warm aluminum threshold.

Profiles for terrace doors

Terrace doors available in MS more than WINDOWS are produced in two systems – 73 mm and 82 mm. Both options use a standard window frame and the so-called. intermediate wing. For the 73 mm system, the wing height is 105 mm. In terraces constructed on the basis of 82 mm profiles, this parameter reaches a value of 115 mm.

PVC terrace doors open to theoutside

As a standard, terrace doors open inwards. MS also offers outdoor terraces. In this case, the construction is made taking into account another wing. Its cross-section resembles the letter “T” in its shape. In both variants, the same frame is used, however, in terrace doors opened outside it needs to be rotated. An undoubted advantage of this type of construction is the fact that the door after opening does not take up space in the room.

PVC terrace doors – options available

Terrace structures from the MS range more than WINDOWS differ from each other not only in the way of opening, but also the lower element of the door. In addition to the frame option, a low aluminium threshold variant is also available. In addition, an aluminium profile to protect the adhesive can be optionally used for the framed version. Thanks to it, the frame will not be damaged, e.g. by hitting it with shoes. Terrace doors come in a single-leaf or double-leaf version with a movable post.

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