The colour of the windows is the most important aspect influencing the appearance of the structures. Depending on the selected option, we can create a joinery that matches the interior of a modern or classic-style room or obtain a distinctive colour accent against the background of subdued furnishings. The MS beyond WINDOWS constructions are available in numerous variants. This allows for an effect that fully meets our expectations.

PVC windows colours

The colours of PVC windows from the MS offer depend on the selected product. Constructions based on Salamander profiles are available in over 40 colour variants. Among them there are wood-like and traditional colours, 3D veneers and satin veneers. In the case of products constructed from Deceuninck profiles, we have a choice of up to 50 window colours. Unique metallic veneers deserve special attention. In addition, satin and wood-like veneers are available – resembling a natural raw material and coloured ones.

Salamander profiles - colours

The available window colours are listed below.

Deceuninck profiles - colours

The colour palette of windows and lift and slide constructions made of Deceuninck profiles is presented below.

Which window colour to choose?

The choice of window colour requires two considerations. The first is the appearance of the building and the second is the interior design. In the case of rooms decorated in a classic style, wood-like or white variants will work well. For lovers of modern solutions, we especially recommend black and anthracite options. In this case, metallic veneers will also be a great choice, which will be an important colour accent.

Aluminium windows colours

In the case of aluminium windows, we do not deal with veneers. These structures can be powder coated or covered with wood-like decors in the sublimation process. The wide RAL palette allows not only to obtain an anthracite aluminium window, but also more extravagant variants, e.g. red or blue. Thanks to wood-like decors, aluminium windows can, in turn, emphasize the natural character of the interior.



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