Wooden decorative elements – heads and feet

The production of wooden windows stylized as antique requires the use of decorative elements that will give the structure an appropriate character. The offer of MS Okna i Drzwi includes heads and feet in various variants, enabling the achievement of the effect expected by the customer.

Decorative elements for wooden windows

Wooden decorative elements for windows are used, among others in the case of woodwork installed in historic houses. The appearance of such structures must be adapted to the original windows, and often even approved by the conservator of monuments. In addition to replacing old mansions or tenement houses, this type of solution is also used in modern construction, reminiscent of the old style. Mapping the character and style of the building is possible thanks to the use of heads (wooden accessories glued to the upper elements of the window sashes) and feet (attached to the lower elements of the window sashes). The offer of MS Windows and Doors includes a wide selection of the aforementioned decorative accessories. Extensive experience in their creation allows for the implementation of projects presented by clients.

Decorative elements for wooden windows


The graphics below show the basic designs of the available heads. These elements can be made of various types of wood, in colors matching the woodwork .


Below are the basic footer designs from the MS Windows and Doors offer. They come in many types of wood, in colors adapted to the windows .

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