Wooden glazing beads

Glazing beads for wooden windows are an indispensable element of any construction. Their main task is to keep the glass insert in the right position. Moreover, they affect the appearance of the woodwork.

Wooden glazing beads – types

MS Okna i Drzwi offers the following glazing beads for wooden windows:

  • one-sided for classic windows and doors,
  • double-sided for classic doors,
  • one-sided for ThermalDoor slab doors,
  • double-sided for ThermalDoor slab doors,
  • double-sided for wooden panels.

Each of the aforementioned groups offers skirting boards adapted to the product lines – Soft, Classic, Modern, Art and Old. The widths of the elements used depend on the selected thickness of the joinery and the glazing unit used.

One-sided wooden slats for windows and doors

A wooden glazing bead for windows from the Modern line.

The individual product lines are presented in the graphics below.

Double-sided wooden door strips

Wooden glazing bead for wooden doors (double-sided).

The available options for the front door slats are shown in the photos.

Single-sided wooden strips for ThermalDoor panel doors

Wooden strip for ThermalDoor slab doors.

The following solutions can be used in the panel doors.

Double-sided wooden strips for ThermalDoor panel doors

Double-sided glazing bead for ThermalDoor wooden panel doors.

The double-sided ThermalDoor door strips are illustrated in the graphics below.

Double-sided slats for wooden panels

Glazing bead for wooden panels, double-sided.

Below are variants of double-sided slats for wooden panels.

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