Wooden window sills

Internal window sills are an important finishing element of every window. Thanks to them, the room gains originality and an elegant look. Wooden window sills offered by MS Windows and Doors are made of various types of material, depending on the customer’s preferences.

A window sill as an element of interior design

The assortment of MS Windows and Doors includes numerous wooden window sills of various widths, made of many types of wood. They are intended for use inside rooms. They are an important finishing element – they allow you to emphasize the beauty of the entire window recess in a classic way.

Soft profile in combination with a wooden window sill

Wooden window sills to size

The standard thickness of the window sills is 30 mm. They are made of well-dried glued wood. This solution allows to minimize the risk of natural deformation of the material.

Wooden window sill

All window sills are made to individual customer orders. For this reason, the required parameters should be precisely defined, such as:

Wooden window sill to size

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