90-degree connector

90-degree connector.

One of the current architectural trends is placing corner windows in interiors. This solution allows plenty of light to enter the room. A 90-degree connector makes it possible to create a structure of this type. The element used in FORMA products provides glazings not only with an attractive appearance but also with appropriate durability.

Deceuninck 90-degree connector.

90-degree connector – what is its function?

A 90-degree connector is a profile which is used to join the frames of two windows set perpendicularly to each other. It must therefore be characterised by high rigidity. In this way, it can guarantee that the structure is strong enough. This is the function of an element used to join together products from the FORMA line. Inside it there is a steel reinforcement which prevents the windows from bending under the loads acting on them.

A 90-degree connector connecting two window frames together.

Corner window connector

The corner connector allows for the construction of corner windows, which are currently very popular. They give the building a modern look and allow plenty of light to enter. This has a positive effect on the well-being of residents, among other things. In addition, a well-lit room looks more spacious. Glazings made with a 90-degree connector are great for homes in beautiful surroundings. Thanks to their construction, they open up the interior to the world.

Geometric thermal bridge.

Window thermal insulation

Corner windows have many advantages, but before buying them, it is worth bearing in mind the issue of thermal performance. A geometric thermal bridge is created in the case of a structure of this shape. This means that the heat supply surface area is significantly smaller than the heat transfer surface area. As a result, heat loss in the corner is greater compared to standard windows.

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