An interior for strong personalities, i.e. eccentricity in the main role.

The eccentric interior design style is a kind of manifesto of strong personalities who are not afraid to stand out. It is a bold, sometimes rebellious escape from templates, boring arrangements and monotonous colors. Eccentric interiors are arrangements reflecting character, rebellious, full of extravagance and uniqueness.

Be brave, be colorful

At the heart of this style is the courage to choose colors. There is no room for subdued beiges or delicate pastels – this is a space for untamed colors that catch the eye and also evoke emotions. Combinations of intense shades, such as purple with orange or turquoise with red, are welcome here. Downright desirable. You can go crazy with colors not only when choosing accessories. The bolder the choice of wall colors or woodwork, the more shocking the interior.

Ms more than WINDOWS offers blue, green and even red joinery. Such windows would certainly attract the attention of guests.

PS. in MS more than WINDOWS, you can make two-color window joinery – from the outside, the windows can match the colors of the facade, while the inside can be consistent with our “self”.

When it comes to window decoration, let your expressive personality shine through here too. Eccentric curtains with unusual patterns and colors, perhaps even using unusual materials, can give the room a unique character.


Eccentricism is a style that places great emphasis on details. In such interiors we can experiment with original patterns, unusual solutions and original materials. Wallpapers with unusual motifs, furniture in unusual shapes, as well as combining various materials, such as wood, metal, glass and stone, give the rooms this “claw”.

Undeniably, the key element of an eccentric interior design style is uniqueness. These interiors should reflect the individual taste and personality of the owner. When choosing decorative elements, let’s look for those rare, unusual items that reflect our passion and character.

Moderation matters

Courage in choosing colors, experimenting with materials and patterns, all this is important, but let’s remember about moderation. Finally, we want to avoid the appearance of chaos. Let’s try to maintain a balance between expressive elements and space so that the interior does not lose its charm. Eccentricity does not mean exaggeration, but rather a balanced approach to interior design.

Let’s not limit ourselves, let’s experiment and be creative, because it is our interior that should reflect ourselves.

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