Okna w stylu hampton

American convenience. Hammpton style windows

The Hamptons are part of Long Island, located near New York. It is also a picturesque seaside resort where busy Americans like to spend their free time. This is where the characteristic style of interior design was born. Which windows fit it?

Okna w stylu glamour

Glamor style windows

Baroque interiors, full of splendor, extravagant accessories, expensive materials and furniture, and the ubiquitous gold, are mainly associated with the homes of the rich or celebrities. However, there are also fans of such aesthetics outside these circles. We advise on how to choose windows for glamor-style interiors.

Dom pasywny

Passive windows, which are what?

In an era of frenzied energy prices soaring, more and more emphasis is placed on optimizing living and housing costs. Hence, there is a growing interest in the category of passive houses, as well as appropriate windows adapted to this type of investment.

Rustic house

Windows for a house in a rustic style

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, noise and hustle and bustle of modern, crowded cities as well as the rush of modern life mean that when looking for relaxation, we more and more often design our home enclaves in a style that evokes rural idyll. This trend in architecture is described as rustic, and window joinery plays a very important role in it.

Designer windows

The wealth of arrangement options that can be obtained thanks to modern windows allows you to create interiors with a unique atmosphere. High-quality window joinery, made with attention to the smallest details, can be an important decorative element and emphasize the character of even the most demanding designer room.

Dekoracja okien w salonie

The decor and decoration of the windows in the living room

The living room is the most representative room in a house or apartment, where the household members usually spend the most time. While often attention is paid to the arrangement of furniture or the design of the room itself, so much time is not spent on windows. And it’s worth it, because properly decorated, they can affect the mood, aesthetics and reception of the salon.

Okna angielskie

Sash windows – English standard

The inhabitants of continental Europe are most often used to opening windows by opening the sash to the inside of the room. In Anglo-Saxon countries, however, it is different. They are dominated by windows that open either outwards or with an up-down sliding system. The latter type is called sash windows.

Okna w salonie

Which windows to choose for the living room?

The living room is the room where people spend most of their time during the day, whether relaxing, entertaining or hosting guests. It is also the most representative point on the map of the house. This is why the right choice of windows is so important. What is important to pay particular attention to when choosing?

Okna w domku letniskowym

Windows in a summer house

Owning a summer house is not a privilege reserved only for the wealthiest. More and more city dwellers are investing in their own little enclaves in the forest, by the lake, sea or in the mountains to be able to escape there from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the metropolis and feel connected to nature.

window in the bay

Bay windows in single-family house

If you are planning to build a single-family house, consider diversifying its form with a classic but very chic addition – a bay window, which will enlarge the room and allow for interesting interior arrangements.

Which windows do the muntin bars fit?

Muntin bars are a traditional and common addition to window panes. However, they do not fit all types of buildings and windows. So when is it best to consider installing this decorative element?

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