Bathroom with a window – arrangement of a small space

The bathroom window is a real treasure. Additional ventilation and a source of natural light are functions that are worth their weight in gold in such a small space. How to arrange this space in such a way that it is functional, stylish and delightful every day?

When arranging such a space-saving room, you should remember a few rules that will make it not claustrophobic but give a sense of space and lightness.


Small rooms don’t like opulence. Regardless of whether it is a living room, kitchen or bathroom, small spaces should not be exposed with a multitude of colors, features or accessories. To give a sense of space, small rooms should be decorated very modestly and minimalistically.

Sense of space

To let some breath into such a room, not only light colors are used, but they are planned so that they have access to many light sources. Ideally, there can also be access to natural light. That’s why a bathroom with a window is so desired by investors. The window in the bathroom is not only a source of natural daylight but also an additional form of ventilation.

Practical solutions

Small bathrooms require creative solutions. Instead of large furniture, it is worth choosing suspended cabinets that do not take up the floor. Shelves above the bathtub or by the window can accommodate cosmetics, while adding charm to the arrangement. Mirrors become very valuable in building a sense of space. The window reflected in them optically enlarges the space. And if the mirror covers all or most of the wall opposite the window, the effect of a twice-larger bathroom is guaranteed.


Plants are the perfect complement to any space. Small pots of succulents always have a place for themselves – even in a small space. Details matter! However, if we relieve the space of accessories, it is worth taking care of the quality and design of the furniture and devices that must be in the room. In the bathroom, take care of towels, a soap dish, a mirror and a possible radiator, which will not only fulfill its basic role but will also be a decoration of the room.

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