Bet on ecology – solutions for ECO houses

Today, more and more attention is being paid to how and where we live. We take care of our diet, plan our menu wisely, do sports and spend our free time productively. We are also starting to care for the environment. We have already taken many steps in this regard. We drive ecological cars and avoid littering the area. But how to create an ecological house?

Table of contents:

Ecological house – what is it?

Simply put, an ecological house is an environmentally friendly building. Starting from its design, through the conscious use of building materials, the development of the surrounding space, to the behavior of people who use it. The idea of such a house is to be as friendly to the environment as possible, and thus to our planet. It is therefore important that it leaves as little carbon footprint as possible, i.e. it emitted little exhaust fumes and used a limited amount of energy.

ecological house

Behavior of household members and the impact on the environment

It all starts with an idea. If investors decide to build an EKOdom, it can be expected that their behavior will also be pro-environmental. However, not everyone can afford to build such a house from scratch. It is therefore possible to change behaviors and, if possible, modify the current building to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

There is no room for randomness in an ecological house. Each thing, equipment, behavior is well thought out and subject to certain rules of use. Even garbage. They are reliably segregated, and BIO waste (of course put into a separate container) is used to produce compost, which then serves as a fertilizer for plants growing around the house. There is also no water wastage.

It is no different with appliances and household appliances. In an ecological house, they should be energy-saving. After all, the point is for the house to produce and consume as little energy as possible. There is no room here for accidental lighting or unnecessary lighting at times of the day that do not require it.

eco house

Energy-saving windows

After all, in an ecological house there are energy-saving windows that perfectly illuminate the rooms and also ensure low heat loss. As a result, less energy is needed to heat the interior. Nay. Energy-saving windows, thanks to double-chamber glass inserts and the use of special films, allow you to maximize energy gain from solar radiation (which is determined by the “g” factor). That means they provide us with free solar heating. Such constructions, with excellent parameters and SUPERtermo 0.5 glazing, can be found in the MS offer more than WINDOWS.

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