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How to properly ventilate the apartment?

Ventilating a house or apartment allows you to get rid of moisture and its negative effects. In addition to regular opening of windows, it is worth using accessories that support air exchange.

Entrance door – what should you know before buying?

When finishing the house, you need to make some important decisions regarding the joinery. In addition to choosing the right set of windows, you also need to consider the entrance door. After all, it is a choice for years, so the purchased door should not only be aesthetic, but also functional and durable.

What to look for when buying a patio door?

Choosing patio doors is a real challenge. After all, they are to serve for many years. So you need to conduct an analysis of what type we need and what solution the conditions at home allow us to install. Then you should get acquainted with the technical parameters of options available on the market.

How to protect home from the heat?

Summer is in full swing. The sun shines brightly in the sky, warming the ground and causing temperatures to begin to exceed comfortable levels. How to protect home or flat from the heat? And what impact can window joinery have on this?

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What to do when the double glazing breaks in the window?

A broken glass in a window can be due to a number of reasons. Most often they are accidental mechanical damage, but sometimes it happens spontaneously. Why is this happening? What to do when you notice such a crack in your window? How can you possibly prevent them?

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Removal of mounting foam

The house or apartment has just finished renovation, during which we replaced the windows. Now it’s time to start cleaning. Unfortunately, it often happens that the remains of the mounting foam remained to be cleaned from the profiles. We advise you on how to remove it and enjoy impeccable cleanliness.

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Co-financing for the replacement of windows

Are you planning to replace your windows with energy-saving ones, but are you afraid of the high costs of such an investment? There is a way to lower them: co-financing as part of thermal modernization.

What to pay attention to when buying mosquito nets?

The summer season is approaching. And with it – the season for flying insects. In order to protect yourself against them effectively it is worth installing additional mosquito nets at windows. However, to make sure they will work properly you should make the right choice. What to pay attention to when buying them?

What influences window prices?

The days of standardised windows are long gone, and many different variables need to be taken into account when pricing them. In this text we discuss a few of them.

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