Blind slats

The main elements of the blinds are made of the highest quality aluminum.

Slats for C-80 blinds.

Façade blinds are used to ensure an adequate level of sunshine in the interiors. They consist primarily of slats, which not only determine the appearance of external guards, but also affect their weather resistance. Ms offers more than WINDOWS there are slats for blinds in two variants – C-80 and Z-90.

Blind slats C-80

The width of the C-80 series slats is 80 mm. These elements are made of high quality aluminum sheet coated with polyester varnish. Thanks to this, they are distinguished by their resistance to weather conditions and do not lose their colors during the useful life. The shape of the C-80 slats resembles the letter C. Their curved edges provide greater stiffness to the external blinds and enable the installation of covers on surfaces up to 4 m wide. Importantly, with C-80 lamellas, it is possible to increase the rotation up to 180 degrees. This allows the user to direct the light towards the ceiling and floor.

Z-90 Series Slats

The width of the Z-90 series slats is 90 mm. These components resemble the letter Z in their shape. Z-90 slats are made of aluminium lacquered with polyester paints. As a result, these elements do not lose their properties due to adverse weather conditions. Slats have a lip seal that allows the cover to be completely sealed and, consequently, to black out the room.

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