Brushed brass – a unique color in the MS more than WINDOWS offer

Choosing the right windows for your home is no longer just a matter of functionality, but also style and aesthetics. One of the increasingly popular choices is the color of brushed brass, which adds elegance and modernity to any interior.
  1. What is brushed brass?
  2. What are Metbrush Brass Premium colored windows suitable for?

What is brushed brass?

Brushed brass, i.e. Metbrush Brass Premium , is one of the veneer colors from the MS more than WINDOWS offer. This is a type of finish with a delicate texture reminiscent of brushed metal. This subtle effect combined with the unique color of brass makes the window look elegant and luxurious. The color of brushed brass is a combination of warm yellow gold with a subtle hint of gray and silver, which makes it an excellent choice for people looking for something more than just a standard window finish.

What are Metbrush Brass Premium colored windows suitable for?

Brushed brass windows, contrary to appearances, are versatile and can match many different interior styles. Here are some suggestions where their use may be particularly effective:

  1. Modern interiors : brushed brass fits perfectly with modern interior design, adding elegance and style. Combined with minimalist furniture and neutral wall colors, windows in this color will be a perfect accent, emphasizing the modern character of the room and its owner.
  2. Retro interiors : brushed brass also looks great in retro arrangements. Combined with vintage furniture and 1960s-style accessories. and 70s, brass-colored windows will add a unique character and nostalgia to the room and will give coherence to the entire room.
  3. Elegant spaces : Thanks to its subtle elegance, brushed brass fits perfectly into interiors with a refined character. Combined with high-quality fabrics, dark wood and delicate accessories, brass-colored windows create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Brushed brass windows are an excellent choice for people looking for an elegant and modern solution for their home. Their versatility makes them suitable for both modern and classic interior arrangements, adding subtle charm and character to them. Metbrush Brass Premium is a veneer that is new in the offer of the manufacturer MS more than WINDOWS .

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