Patio HST in golden oak color

Golden oak windows – closer to nature

Not only traditional wooden joinery, but also PVC windows can bring our interiors closer to nature and give them a warm, forest charm. For this to happen, you just need to choose one of the many available wood-like veneers and then enjoy their natural beauty. Golden oak is the leader among this color palette.

dwukolorowe okna dopasowane do wnętrza i budynku

Freedom of design – two-coloured windows

Modern PVC technology makes it possible to freely combine different colours of veneers in window joinery so that these match both the external facade of the building and the interior design.

Okna antracyt

Anthracite windows – fashionable and universal

The days when white PVC windows or wooden shades of traditional joinery dominated in single-family housing are long gone. Dark colours are currently the most popular, with dark grey anthracite shades leading the way.

Okna dąb bagienny

Swamp oak – wooden elegance

Wood-like veneers for windows are very popular. They allow to imitate the appearance of wooden joinery while maintaining all the advantages of windows made of plastic or aluminum. One of the most interesting colors in this color palette is swamp oak, which is a dark shade of brown with a distinctive wood texture.

The colour of the year - Veri Peri

Colour of the year 2022 – Very Peri

According to the Pantone, the most fashionable colour of 2022 will be Very Peri – a shade of violet, intended to symbolize the changes our world is experiencing.

Wood-like windows.

5 fashionable wood-like veneers

Wood-like colours of windows are still very popular among investors. Why? We still want to be closer to nature. We combine modern and austere

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