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Our company has been a leader in the joinery market for years. We offer not only PVC windows and doors, but also aluminum joinery, external roller blinds, facade blinds and mosquito nets.

For over 30 years of activity, we have been focusing on product diversity, high quality, innovative technological solutions and production automation.

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More than WINDOWS

From the very beginning of our activity, we have also attached great importance to the diversity of our offer. We understand that customers have different needs and expectations. That’s why we try to provide them with a wide selection of products that will meet even the most demanding expectations. Regardless of whether customers are looking for elegant windows, solid doors or functional external roller shutters , our offer includes solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

MS more than WINDOWS is not only diversity but, above all, a synonym of high quality. We are proud of our products, which are not only aesthetic, but above all, solid and durable. We take care of every detail. Starting from the selection of the highest quality materials, through careful workmanship, to quality tests. This makes our products meet the highest standards .

Standards and innovations

The production of PVC windows is the main activity of our company. In addition to the continuous development of our product offer, we also invest in modern machinery that allows us to automate the production process. This is crucial because it allows you to speed up the process of creating windows. The modern machines we have are equipped with the latest technologies that enable precise and effective performance of even the most complex production operations. Thanks to this, our windows are not only aesthetic, but also solid, durable and meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, by shortening the order processing time, we can meet quick delivery times, which translates into the satisfaction of our customers and building long-term business relationships with our partners.

What makes us stand out?

Our company’s team consists of experienced specialists who have been with us for years. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our products are created by real experts in the field of joinery. We also employ professional salespeople who efficiently serve our clients and business partners.

Thanks to this extensive sales policy, supported by automation and digitalization of production and efficient delivery logistics, MS products reach satisfied customers all over the world, including Germany, Italy, Spain, England, the United States and Canada.

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