Colors of aluminium cladding

The wide range of colors allows you to adjust the aluminum cladding to the customer’s expectations. The solutions available in MS Windows and Doors include: opaque and metallic colors, as well as wood-like decors. Thanks to them, the wood and aluminum joinery can be easily adapted to the style of the building.

Colors of cladding in the MS Window and Door offer

Aluminium linings are lacquered in powder technology. It allows you to apply any opacity color. As standard, profiles come in a matte version, however, it is possible to order them in gloss (satin). Among the available variants are also wood-like decors, lacquers with structure and metallic varnishes. Cladding may have different properties depending on under what conditions it will function. In addition to the standard version, systems made using anti-corrosion technologies are available. These types of solutions are used when the windows are installed in a facility located near the sea. Therefore, when placing an order, it is necessary to determine the location of the building and the factors that will affect the mounted carpenpending. This will allow you to choose the right coating. Below are selected colors of aluminum cladding from the MS Window and Door range.

Concealing RAL

Available solutions include RAL, NCS and Farrow & Ball colours. In addition, it is possible to use other color palettes and paint the linings with a specific powder, corresponding to the customer’s requirements. The following graphics show some of the color options you’ve chosen.

Concealing RAL with structure

Ms Window and Door range includes not only smooth opacity colors, but also variants with delicate structure. In this case, shades from RAL, NCS, Farrow & Ball and others are available, depending on the customer’s needs.


Metallic colors of aluminum cladding are very popular among lovers of modern style in construction. Thanks to them, wooden joinery gets a unique look.

Wood-like decors

Aluminium cladding is designed to protect wooden structures from weather conditions. So that the windows from the outside do not lose their traditional appearance, you can opt for one of the wood-like decors.


Anodized colors are also available. If this technology is used, the results may differ slightly. Therefore, the following table shows the minimum and maximum saturation of the colour compared to the powder-coated equivalent. It is an imitation of an anode.

remark. The pictures presented are for illustrative purposes only. The actual color and structure of the material may differ from those shown in the graphics.

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