Wooden pivot window

Wooden pivot windows

Structures that are becoming more and more popular – especially in rooms with a small area and where frequent ventilation is required.

Wooden entrance door

Wooden entrance door

Structures available in the frame and plate variants, available with various accessories increasing their functionality.

Wood colours.

Types and colours of wood

The availability of several types of wood and numerous colours allows to create a construction that meets customer expectations.

Cross-section of wooden lift and slide doors from the MS Windows and Doors offer.

HS Wooden Patio

Thanks to the functional fittings of the Siegenia brand, the lift and slide wooden doors are very comfortable to use.

Patio PSK available in MS beyond WINDOWS offer.

Patio PSK

PVC tilt and slide doors are one of the types of constructions that are perfect as an exit to the terrace.

Premium Windows 86

Premium 86 windows are aluminum constructions that are distinguished by very good thermal parameters, as well as the availability of a wide range of

Patio PSK drewniane.

Wooden Patio PSK

Large constructions require the use of appropriate profiles and reinforcements. Among such solutions are wooden swing-sliding doors (Patio PSK) from the MS Range Windows

Drewniane Patio PSK.

Patio PSK wooden-aluminium

For windows and doors of large size, it is necessary to use properly selected profiles and reinforcements. An example of this type of construction

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